Frequently Asked Questions

100 Real Estate Agents Donating $100 to Raise $10,000 for Habitat for Humanity


Q: Where is my money going?

A: All money will stay in Maui County and go straight to Habitat for Humanity families.

Q: Will my donation be tax deductible?

A: Yes, it will.  Since Habitat for Humanity is a 501C(3) organization, all donations are tax deductible.  Once you donate, Habitat will send you a letter confirming the date and amount of your gift.

Q: Is 100 Real Estate Agents Who Care Maui Associated with the 100 Who Care Alliance?

A: While our organization was inspired by the 100 Who Care Alliance, it is not an official chapter, as we will not be meeting regularly.  This is a one-time opportunity to give.

Q:  Can I write a check instead of donating through the website?

A:  Yes.  In order for it to be applied to this project, please specify “100 Real Estate Agents Who Care Maui” in the “memo” field of the check.

Q: Can I give directly to Habitat for Humanity?

A: Yes.  However, if you do not specify that you are donating to 100 Real Estate Agents Who Care in the “notes” section of the donation form, your money will go into the general fund, and we will have no way of acknowledging you for your contribution to this project or recognizing you as one of the 100 Agents Who Care.

Q: If I donate and become a member, can I use your official logo in my client outreach?

A: Absolutely!  Once we have received your $100 donation, you will get an email acknowledging receipt of your gift as well as a PNG or JPEG version of the logo.

Q: Can there be more than a hundred who donate?

A: Of course! 100 people is our baseline goal, but we would happily include any and all of the 1800 Maui real estate agents, active or inactive.

Q: Is there a donation cap?

A: While a donation of 100 dollars or more is required to be a member of the 100 Real Estate Agents Who Care, donating more than 100 dollars is both welcomed and encouraged.

Q: Is there a donation minimum?

A: No. Any amount is welcome.   However, in order to be listed as one of the 100 Real Estate Agents Who Care and use the logo in your client outreach, there is a $100 donation request.

Q: What if I do not work in real estate, but want to donate anyway?

A: If you would like to donate, please do so, as any amount will help families in need of housing.

Q: How do I make sure that my donation goes to this project?

A:  If donating through the Habitat website, you will be directed to Paypal.  In the notes section, please type in “100 Real Estate Agents Who Care.”

     If donating by check,  please indicate “100 Real Estate Agents Who Care” in the memo field

Q: Are there any matching opportunities of which I can take advantage?

A: Starting November 5th, we will have a dollar for dollar matching program for the first thousand dollars. If you or a company you know would like to help fundraise for Habitat for Humanity Maui.

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